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Dec 21, 2017

This episode is all Last Jedi, where were talk the Big Leia-bowski flight, force-timing, the knights of broom, and more. Then we sweep up:

  • Kid-inside caffeine
  • Force-time call ethics
  • First order high school
  • Puppet yoda and the fish nun firefighters
  • Leia's big lebowski moment
  • Luke uses Just-for-Jedis
  • and so much more

Dec 19, 2017

Mustachio reveals his holiday classics of death metal, then we all shred:

  • Annihilation's oil bubble adventure
  • Doh! Hard and other Disney merger musings
  • 48 Hours reboot 48 years too late
  • Kingsmen 3? Kings-meh
  • Golden Globes and geriatric all-stars
  • and more


Dec 12, 2017

We debate the drowsy potency of Nyquil vs.Attack of the Clones vs. Mark Rylance, then talk in our sleep about:

  • Jedi Early buzz has critics shaking in their pee puddles
  • Tarantino Trek: Girl you'll be a Vulcan soon
  • Lady Bird had Lady Wan perched in a weeping willow
  • Disaster Artist is frankly just for Franco
  • Jurassic...

Dec 6, 2017

Today we disallow Force sensitive hockey players, then puck up:

  • Avengers Infinity War - Vision-Alexa order us a Lay-z-boy. Skip to 41:20 for Avengers-only!
  • I Tonya brings equality to trash in 2017
  • Hang Dog Halpert and his thriller cheaks
  • Jurassic World makes us erupt
  • Black Mirror makes you fat
  • Snoke and Caesar - all...

Dec 1, 2017

We needed an entire bonus episode for this epic garbage pile! We try our best to sort through the rubbish and apply our own broom and dust pan of justice to:

  • whose lip is that anyway
  • less plot more bro yeahs
  • cyborg or internet man
  • mother-in-law boxes
  • the bag cereal of comic book movies
  • superman sponsored by Haggar...