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Feb 10, 2020

This week, original fixer Mustachio joins JC and the Lady-Wants to fix The Gentlemen. Is this Guy Ritchie gangster movie a return to form, or are we longing for his old crew? 


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Feb 1, 2020

This week, JC and the Lady-Wan are an unstoppable duo, like Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, teaming up to fix Bad Boys For Life. Is this long-awaited installment in the franchise feeling the absence of Michael Bay, or are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence enough to carry the show? 


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Jan 6, 2020

JC and the Lady-Wan are joined by guest, Chris from The First Run, to fix Star War Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker. Does this movie satisfyingly complete the greatest franchise in film history, or are we left wondering where it all went wrong? 


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